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At Syllogistic Group, we come to work daily because we are solving the biggest problems in IT. Everyone is guessing. Engineers do not know the source of the issues they see, how to isolate them, or even if they are seeing problems or just noise. Management does not see that the user at the help desk complaining is the tip of the iceberg of a larger, systemic problem. Users just want to do their jobs, and not complain at the help desk, and they are not sure if they really have a problem.

I love IT. Otherwise, I’d be doing something else! My experience in the enterprise, in the military (retired), in the trenches solving problems around the globe, providing solutions, makes us valuable, to you. I have 25 years of experience working for the federal government in information systems management and control. Starting in 2011, that shifted to supporting local governments, and enterprises as an IT consultant. I’ve been called tenacious in my desire to produce the outcome our clients and customers need. This desire led me to start Syllogistic Group.

Our mission is to make IT infrastructure more manageable and more transparent. Our job is to remove IT from your job description. It’s hard to execute your primary job of running your company when you are the IT person as well!

We are your solution. We have the experience you need. We have your bold ideas. We solve your problems. We are Syllogistic Group.

Stacy, Founder & President

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