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    Microsoft continues to warn organizations on Skype for Business Online that it will switch it off on July 31, 2021. Microsoft first warned customers with Skype for Business Online two years ago that the service would reach the end of life on July 31, 2021. Then, in February,…
  • 4 tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams
    Make sure you and your team are taking full advantage of Microsoft Teams to stay connected and drive productivity. In this blog, learn 4 best practices to help you make the most of meetings, customize your workspace, and more. Learn how:
  • Stay Connected with Teams
    As more and more employees are working at home, it’s crucial to help them feel connected. With Microsoft Teams, your team can easily connect and collaborate—all while social distancing and staying safe. Get an overview of the features and learn more.

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From informational videos and webinars to employee profiles, you can find valuable tools that will help you to educate your teams and elevate your business.

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