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  • Customer story: Team Rubicon
    Team Rubicon started in the wake of the Haiti Earthquake with just 8 volunteers. Today their organization has grown to over 83,000. To manage those volunteers, Team Rubicon needed to build a system from the ground up. They chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams as the heartbeat of their IT systems. But they didn’t do it alone. They had help along the way. You can do the same: increase your agility and accelerate transformation with Syllogistic Group. Contact us to find out how we can help your business integrate the tools you need.
  • SQL Server and Azure SQL Database GDPR Guidance
    The new GDPR law was a significant shake-up to security regulations, and it can be a lot for a business to process. What exactly is this new law even asking? What does security principle or privacy principle mean? Will my current security tools make the cut? Luckily, Microsoft is something of an expert in security and they have your back. In this E-book, learn what the law was intended to do and what it means for your business. Additionally, learn how to adapt tools you may already be using, such as Azure or SQL DB/DW, to comply with these new regulations while minimizing disruption to your business. We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Contact us to get started.

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